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Directory Listings Park City, UTThink of your good old address book. While it may be fast approaching obsolescence thanks to the digital world, it still is valid for a comparison. Let’s say you’re looking for the address of an old college friend. When you look in your address book, you have five different addresses. A couple is crossed out; a couple is amended. And you can’t remember if the last one is the correct one or not. Confusing.

Believe it or not, while you may think Internet search engines are ultimately intelligent, they are easily confused by the same thing you’re having trouble with above — conflicting addresses and phone numbers for the same practice. That’s why we make it our business at MyAdvice to manage the listings of our client practices to make it easy for Google and Bing to find them.

We call it local power.

The problem

Phone books are fast becoming museum pieces as more and more people find businesses online. In fact, 150 million people access local directories each month to find local businesses. This includes people searching for health information and providers. It adds up to 54 percent of the public bypassing the phone book and instead using local directories to find local businesses.

But over the years, your practice may have grown or moved. The name may have stayed the same, but now there are duplicate listings out there. While some of this may be your fault by not updating listings when you moved, often these duplicate listings are created by automated bots scraping together information from all over the web.

This confuses search engines, and they punish you for those inconsistencies by dropping you down in search. In fact, research from shows that the quantity and accuracy of local business listings are two of the top five ranking factors for local search.

What we do

But you’re busy running your practice. How are you going to find the time to go into the dozens of directories and make sure your information is consistent?

That’s where we come in. We have a robust network of over 100 local search engines and mapping sites such as Yelp, Bing, and Yahoo. Our team can submit the same listing for your practice to all of these sites through one convenient portal, ensuring that the information is identical across all of these directories.

Plus, we enhance your listings to further please the search engines and help more potential patients find you. In addition to the basics, we include descriptions, services, staff bios, and photos to add depth to your information. Google then views your site with greater authority and credibility, both keys to search.

What does consistency do?

This isn’t simply some obsessive quest for the same spelling of “Drive” or “Dr.” across all of your listings. This consistency delivers results in search. Because Google and Bing find the same information across the web for your business, they view your site as more credible, better maintained, and probably a better search result to satisfy the searcher.

This has a variety of great benefits. It…

  • Improves your visibility on local search
  • Increases traffic to your website
  • Generates more phone calls and “Contact Us” responses
  • Brings your practice up in both Siri and Google Voice search
  • Introduces potential new patients to your practice

The consistency and accuracy of your practice information across the sea of online directories aren’t something to take lightly. If it is accurate and continually updated, you’ll reap the rewards in higher traffic to your website and more new patients. But it’s not an easy thing to do on your own. That’s all the more reason to have the team at MyAdvice maintain your local listings. Let’s talk about how we can put local power to work for your practice.

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