Why Do I Need A Content Management System (CMS) For My Website?

If you’re looking into website options for your healthcare practice, you may have come across the term Content Management System (CMS) in your search. Not sure what it means? A Content Management System (CMS) is a system that allows you to publish, edit and modify website content all without having to touch your website’s code.

With a Content Management System (CMS) You Can:

  • Control Your Own Content: Consider a CMS a simple and affordable way for your practice to take control of the content that is presented on your website. Make countless changes to website content through a series of simple steps that do not require any knowledge of website programming! This includes, adding pages, changing copy and adding images without having to contact your web company! Log in to your CMS from any computer, make changes and publish whenever you are ready!
  • Grow Your Site: Another huge advantage of a CMS is the ability to grow your site at your own convenience. The size of your site is an important factor to your websites Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The bigger, the better! And again, your CMS gives you the option to add pages without having to contact your website company.
  • Stay Current: Search engines LOVE frequently updated sites! A CMS allows you to make changes to procedure information, add practice photos and post to your blog as often as you wish. Going beyond search engine results, you’re more likely to grow online relationships by frequently sharing useful information and practice updates!

Content Management System for Healthcare Websites

MyAdvice’s CMS product helps make the process of updating or changing your website as simple and uncomplicated as possible, while enhancing the content and security of your site. Even if you don’t plan on updating your content frequently, why not have the option to do so? Contact MyAdvice for more information about our wide range of website and internet marketing services.

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