Advice Media is now MyAdvice

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It’s a simple formula—when you have a growing and thriving business, so do we. It’s been the basis of our mission for the last 20 years. But nothing lasts forever, which is why we’re announcing a big change today.

We’re excited to announce a new chapter—evolving our brand from Advice Media to MyAdvice.

Why make that change? Let’s break down the new name…

The “My”? That’s all about you. We want our clients to feel empowered and educated on how to best put digital marketing to work to grow their business. Whether it’s managing your website and SEO, gathering customer reviews, building a social media calendar, or any other digital marketing activity, you should feel confident that YOU have both the tools and the best practices to get the results you want.

The “Advice”? While we’re empowering you more than ever through the self-service MyAdvice platform, we’ll continue to bring our 20+ years of experience and expertise—our “Advice”—to the table. Keep your eyes peeled for our latest research on how to get the most out of various digital marketing tactics, how you stack up against your competition, different perspectives that go against the conventional marketing wisdom, and much more.

Now, what does that mean for you? Well, nothing is really changing all that much. If you’re already a client, everything from your CSM to your payments is going to stay the same.

If you have questions, we’re here for you! Contact us here.

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