Is RealSelf Worth Paying For?

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Is RealSelf Worth Paying For?

RealSelf is a free healthcare digital platform with a paid membership option that is open to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and otolaryngologists. If you work on what RealSelf refers to as “core aesthetic” and meet their Healthcare Professional Listing Criteria (HCP), you are eligible for their free profile. RealSelf has risen up to become what is essentially the “Yelp of plastic surgery.” It is a powerful platform because people can see the surgeon’s workmanship before setting foot into the practice, which makes managing your online presence all the more important. RealSelf is the ultimate social validation tool because it is patient-fueled. Whether you want to pay for RealSelf or not, you need to have a profile on RealSelf and establish at least a small presence on the platform to demonstrate the quality of your work and your expertise.

RealSelf’s Paid Features

RealSelf’s paid options mostly focus on increasing the visual attractiveness of your profile. They have taken the mindset that no patient would want to get work done by a doctor in an unattractive office, and you should treat your profile the same. The paid options also allow you to promote your profile across more pages on the site and rank higher in the RealSelf search. Here is a more exhaustive list of the features provided by RealSelf:


  • Profile enhancements: cover photos, personal statements and awards, and expanded photo gallery
  • Block competitor ads
  • Links on profile and Q&As that direct customers to website
  • Promote special offers

Dr. Spotlight

  • Promotion across the site
  • Higher rankings in RealSelf search

If your profile is downgraded to a free account, you will lose pro and dr. spotlight features.

Our Client’s RealSelf Data

One of MyAdvice’s clients has engaged with RealSelf with varying amounts of time by optimizing their profile for specific treatments and interacting with potential patients in the Q&A section.

Using four months of data, RealSelf sent about 1 visitor per day to the website, and RealSelf generated 6 total conversions on the website. Three of those were phone calls, and the other three were form submissions.

To compare, with $1500 per month in New York City, you could buy (estimates):

  • 129 AdWords Clicks for a Rhinoplasty Campaign
  • 300 Facebook Ad Visitors

Given the same amount of time as RealSelf, AdWords and Facebook could have yielded double or triple the website conversions.

Data from calls or booked appointments originating from the RealSelf site is not included.

Should You Pay for RealSelf?

Always measure whether it is a success for you! You might get different results from our doctors, and we are advocates of trying a variety of digital marketing channels.

RealSelf could be worth it for you and your practice if:

  • Patients are calling your practice from RealSelf after you started paying for the Pro features
  • Patients that call from RealSelf book more surgeries
  • You have the time to actively engage with potential patients on RealSelf

MyAdvice is the perfect fit for you if you don’t have time for your healthcare digital marketing. Speak with one of our consultants today and find out how we can help you find your real patients.

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