Why You Should Convert to a Facebook Business Page

Converting your personal Facebook profile to a professional business page requires a few easy steps, but it’s entirely necessary. When it comes to physicians and their medical practices, their online presence should be kept professional. If you have a successful personal profile, it’s recommended to convert the page rather than starting new. Converting the page will turn your “friends” into “fans” and preserve your photos, however, old posts will not be transferred. To follow are some of the reasons having a business page on Facebook is so important.

Benefits of Having a Business Page for Your Medical Practice

  • It just looks better, representing a business through a personal page looks unprofessional
  • Privacy, for you as an individual and for your patients (Facebook fans), business pages cannot access their fan’s personal information in their profiles
  • No limits to how many people can “like” your page, but there is a 5,000 “friend” cap for personal profiles
  • Having a business page gives you access to Facebook advertising so you can easily promote your practice
  • Business pages can schedule posts ahead of time in Facebook to save time while maintaining a presence on social media
  • Business information is relevant and displayed appropriately
  • Personal profiles require a birthday and gender, which does not apply to a business page
  • Business pages allow administrative roles to be assigned
  • Avoid being shut down by Facebook for operating a business through a personal profile
  • Business pages connect to Facebook Places, this will allow patients to “check in” at your practice, which serves as a personal recommendation
  • Business pages have access to Facebook Insights, their analytic reporting system so you can track your successes with social media marketing (SMM)

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