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Have you ever had something interesting happen at your office that you wish you could share with your patients? You can… and you should! The world needs to see your dog when he works as your medical assistant, a little sibling who gets into the retainer case drawer, and the prank you play on your office manager.

What makes posting videos to Facebook right now even better is that your competitors likely aren’t doing it yet!

According to a study conducted in June by Locowise, only 47% of brand pages uploaded videos. And of those pages, 33% only uploaded one video per month. If your practice posts two videos per month, it’ll be in the top third of all pages, not just within your specialty, to have your posts viewed by your followers. 

This is somewhat surprising considering Facebook already announced that video posts will boost your reach in news feeds, something that’s become increasingly difficult to do.

Here are the top three takeaways from the study:

1. Post videos that are under 30 seconds. The average video length is 55.3 seconds, but viewers watch on average 18.2 seconds of a video. 53.2% of viewers will watch a 30-second video.

2. Don’t worry about paying to boost your video posts. Organic views get more “complete views,” which amounts to 95% of the video, than paid views.

3. Measure video engagement mostly by clicks. Of the 5.8% of your followers who are likely to engage with your video post, 93.2% will click, 4.9% will like, 1% will share, and 0.9% will comment.

4. Be sure your video is entertaining even without audio. Facebook starts playing the video immediately when a user scrolls through the News Feed, but the audio is only enabled when a user clicks on the video.

5. Post the video directly to Facebook.  YouTube videos do no offer the same visibility boost as native clips.

Facebook has made posting videos to their platform easier than ever.  As always, be sure you have written permission from everyone who appears in the video to share it on social media. We’re confident that you can boost your page visibility with quick, funny, original videos from your practice. We can’t wait to see them on your page!

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