New Facebook Advertising Feature: “Custom Audiences”

A new Facebook Advertising feature now gives brands the ability to target Facebook ads to current or prospective customers based on email address, phone number, or Facebook user ID.

The new feature, called “Custom Audiences,” is available through Power Editor and the Facebook advertising API. To use “Custom Audiences” you must first install Facebook Power Editor, a platform that helps users create, edit and manage a large number of campaigns and ads.

Learn how to install Facebook Power Editor.

Once installed, you can visit your Power Editor and click the “Custom Audience” tab along the top menu. Then, you can import an email list into a one column CSV file and upload as a new Custom Audience. When you create an ad, you can choose your Custom Audience, and Facebook will match up the email addresses with current Facebook users to serve your ads to only those Facebook users.

Benefits of Facebook “Custom Audiences”

  • Reconnect with prior or existing patients.
  • Reach prospective patients.
  • You’ll know who is seeing your ads, and therefore have a better piece of mind when it comes to spending your marketing dollars.
  • Proven higher Return On Investment (ROI)

This is feature is brand new, so stay tuned for updates!

Ready to Launch your Facebook Advertising Campaign?

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