Facebook updates for your practice

While many post Facebook status updates without much thought, it is always better to carefully craft a status that will result in closer interaction and engagement with your followers.

Your Facebook update can be anything–a post about a special your practice is offering, an announcement about a new doctor joining the practice, or even a quote or famous saying that is relevant to your specialty. Content should always be a key priority when composing your status.

So, how can posting statuses benefit your business? Here’s how you can optimize your status updates on Facebook.

  1. Schedule posts. One of the best ways to optimize your updates is to schedule posts to appear when more followers are likely to be active on Facebook. Most people check their Facebook pages at least three times each day- once in the morning, and again in the late afternoon or evening. You can experiment with posting different statuses at different times of the day, to see when you receive the greatest amount of feedback. You don’t need to post many statuses at once either! Facebook allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time.
  2. Target fans in a specific location. Facebook now allows a user to post from a specific location. The status update will then appear only to people who are located within a certain area. For example, if you are a doctor looking to reach out to patients in San Diego, you could specify your status to only reach patients in that particular city.
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of a photo. It’s no secret that people tend to respond to things that are visually appealing. Adding a photo to a status that you post can help increase the amount of attention a status (and by extension your practice) may receive.

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