Facebook to Introduce More Options for Targeted Page Posts

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that will allow Pages to further target their posts to new subsets of their audience, including fans of a particular age range, gender or geographical location, says Inside Facebook.

Targeted posts will allow businesses to share posts more relevant to the fans that see it, which will help increase interaction and eventually, overall Facebook Page success.

According to Inside Facebook, targeting criteria that will be available for page posts includes:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interested in
  • Relationship status
  • Language
  • Education
  • Workplace
  • Location (country, state, city)

Uses for Facebook Targeted Posts in Healthcare

As social media becomes a platform for healthcare practices to communicate with patients and potential patients, this new feature will benefit practices using Facebook to reach different target audiences.

A few examples of how healthcare practices can utilize targeted posts:

  • A practice with different target age groups—perhaps you offer procedures pertaining to an elder market and procedures pertaining to a younger market.
  • A practice with multiple locations— perhaps you have locations in multiple cities through a state, or even throughout multiple states. If you offer different specials, procedures or even if you want to share local news, this feature allows you to do so to the relevant audiences.
  • A practice with procedures pertaining to different genders—perhaps you’re a plastic surgeon running simultaneous specials—one on Breast Augmentation and another on BOTOX® for men— target who sees your post by gender for maximum relevancy and interaction.

With Facebook’s new targeted post options you’ll be able to reach your target audiences with more information they can relate to, but for some this may mean double the posts, and therefore, double the work.

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Read more at InsideFacebook.com

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