Facebook Adds Click-to-Call Button

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As a part of the growing effort to accommodate mobile web searchers, Facebook added a “Call Now” button to their ads. The function will allow visitors to call your business directly from the social media platform. Now it’ll be easier to track more conversions from Facebook.

As we’ve mentioned on the blog in the past, conversions from Facebook are tough to track. Potential customers must first visit your website, and unless their call to your office occurs within the same search session, the connection to Facebook as the original source is lost. A “Call Now” button offers a direct link between your social media ads and conversions – you’ll be able to know your return on investment!

Why is Click-to-Call Important?

In a report published by Invoca, a software company dedicated to call tracking and analytics, 61% of mobile searches lead to a phone call. What does this tell you? Customers largely search on their mobile devices with the intention to directly contact your business. Why not make your phone number as accessible (and trackable) as possible?!

The best way to utilize the click-to-call feature is to incorporate a trackable phone number link throughout your website. MyAdvice provides trackable links in the header and footer of your website, as well as on the contact page, for each client. So we’ve got you covered! But finding more ways to use click-to-call will maximize your return on investment for your long-term strategy.

If you have any questions about click-to-call, contact your Customer Success Coordinator.

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