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Because Google says so! Well… that’s not the exact reason. But Google, along with other search engines, are constantly looking for ways to keep their users happy. After all, search engine users are Google customers before they’re your customers. And what do Google users want? Informative content on the term they searched served hot and fresh.   

Give Them What They Want!

Your potential customers want you to deliver on your promise to provide the information they requested in the search bar. If they search ‘Kybella’ in your area and you market Kybella as a service you offer, your Kybella product page needs to be accurate and robust. Be the Wikipedia for your product or service!

A website page without ample information could trigger a lack of trust that you’ll provide quality services. Because whether we like it or not, a quality website equals a quality healthcare professional to customers. Don’t let your expertise get lost with a lackluster website. 

Give Them More Than Your Competitors!

Especially if your potential customers are comparison shopping, you want your website to stand out as the best resource. Google notices bounce backs, i.e. when users visit your site briefly only to bounce back to the search results to choose another site. That chosen website gets Google recognition in future search results (similar to brownie points) for providing the best information in this instance.

Google also recognizes one dimensional content. Text and photos on your website are not enough. Your pages need to be dynamic, and lead your customers to additional information with links, videos, etc.

Give Them the Best!

Keep in mind that a 100% satisfaction rate is nearly impossible. Some bounce backs are completely out of your control and don’t reflect the quality of your website. A user may be searching for a very specific service that you don’t offer, or maybe they simply got distracted during their search. It happens!

Happy website users are more likely to convert, return, and refer your business. And a quality user experience on your website is completely within your grasp. Give us a call to chat about how your website can improve – (800) 260-9497.

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