Millennials and Healthcare: How to Reach Them

Twenty-something year old adults (“millennials”) can be a tough crowd to reach. They were raised with the Internet, and are now totally dependent on technology for their daily needs, including finding a doctor for themselves or their family.

Unlike previous generations, who relied on either a phone book or word-of-mouth to find a doctor, millennial adults will head straight to their computer or smartphone to find a  doctor in their area. So, how can your practice reach these younger adults? Let’s take a look at some tips on how to reach the millennial audience in this increasingly digital world.

3 Tips for Reaching Millennial Adults.

  1. Manage online reviews of your practice. Today’s medical world, like most other industries, is driven by information found on the Internet. Once a millennial adult hits the Internet looking for a doctor, one of the first things he or she will look for is an online review of your practice. The online review will tell a patient exactly what they need to know about you, and your practice. Best of all, the information will be provided to them by their peers. Creating and maintaining a presence on a review site, such as Yelp, will allow users to post reviews of your practice. This will help any future patients know all about what you have to offer. Plus these sites will showcase your specialty, and the exact location of your practice.
  2. Reduce phone calls. Millennials do not like talking on the phone, or waiting to speak to your administrative assistant. This generation tends to want everything now. Instead, consider alternative forms of communication for this younger generation of patients, such as email marketing, or even text messaging, to communicate and directly engage with younger patients.
  3. Develop a social media presence. While it may seem repetitive to say, social media is still one of the best ways to reach younger adults. Make sure your practice has an active presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Like email marketing, these websites will help you communicate directly with your potential audience.

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