Understanding Your Site Checkup Score


We understand how difficult it is to run a business and how valuable your time is. The customer always comes first and trying to understand how to improve rankings and stay current with the best web practices may not be possible. We created this page to help clear up some of the confusion surrounding how search engines rank sites. Below each area of the report is explained in greater detail with examples and further reading so you can focus on your website's strengths and weaknesses.

How To Improve Your Rankings

Search Engines are not particularly fond of pages bigger than 2 megabytes. Search engines like pages that load quickly because every second a page takes to load increases the chance the user will leave before the content even loads.

Search Engine Optimization is very important to customer acquisition. Feel free to leave a specific question below and a digital marketing specialist can reach out directly to you!

To better understand other marketing channels feel free to read our blog about other marketing channels.

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Website Checkup Questions

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