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Benefiting Consumers and Professionals

MyAdvice's consumer information portals provide educational information about niche topics and directory listings of professionals. Our professionals consistently tell us that our consumers convert at a higher rate than those from other web portals because our visitors have been well educated and know what to expect in terms of service, price, and outcomes. All of our content rich websites contain three important features: proprietary content, professional listings, and discussion forums.

  • Generate Leads
  • Enhance Branding
  • Protect Your Reputation

  • Block Your Competition
  • Generate Word-of-Mouth
  • Track Results

Proprietary, Highly Researched Information

Consumers use our sites to gain a deep understanding of the subjects they are researching. Consumer education creates a win-win for the consumer and the service provider. Consumers win because they know what they want, how much it will cost, and what to expect from their service provider. The service providers win because our platform sends customers to them that they would not have seen otherwise.

Professional Listings

Our directories connect consumers with qualified professionals. Our platform has certification standards that we use to determine who is eligible for listing on our websites. Our system performs research to confirm that the professionals have the certifications they claim to have. By doing so, our software gives consumers confidence that the professionals they locate through our directory websites have had appropriate training and certification. Our professionals know that our consumers come to them with a confidence already instilled by the accuracy of the information and the steps taken to ensure the professionals' qualifications.

Discussion Forums

Our directories provide discussion forums where our visitors, both consumer and professional, can interact to discuss topics of interest and to learn from the experiences of others. These discussion forums can be critically important to those who are deciding if they need professional assistance.

Plastic Surgery Publications

MyAdvice currently publishes three consumer informational websites on plastic surgery and dentistries. Our websites educate consumers on their desired elective procedure and help them to find a professional who can perform the procedure for them. All our material is written and edited by individuals who have relevant experience. We utilize an extended network of experts to help drive the accuracy and validity of our content. We pride ourselves on editorial independence and bringing you the most relevant, up-to-date information possible.

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