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Even if your legal practice operates solely based on referrals from clients or other lawyers, your website is still the most important thing you can invest in to grow your business. The truth is, even a referral client will likely search for more information about your practice online before becoming a client – even if they’re just looking for your contact information. Of course, if you are doing any sort of online marketing, your campaigns are directing potential clients to your website (if they’re successful). 

There’s a reason that we say websites are the most important investment you can make into your business: if all roads end there, it’s important to make sure your potential clients are landing on a well-designed, secure, and useful website. You wouldn’t use a hand-drawn business card, so why have the digital equivalent?

What Are Law Firm Web Design Best Practices?

leventhalsar responsive website 1024x634 1 A good website is ultimately one that users like, but luckily, that’s not as ambiguous as it sounds. There are some industry best practices for attorney websites, such as:

  • Responsive Design – Good websites work on any browser, and any device. 
  • User Experience – Visitors can navigate the site easily and are able to find the information they're looking for. 
  • Contact Information – How does a visitor become a client? Whether you're directing people to a form, a phone number, or something else, it needs to be easy to find and easy to use.
  • Security – If customers enter sensitive information, will it be safe? Industry standards for website security are a must for building trust with your clients, and avoiding penalties from search engines. 
  • Useful Content – What do you do? What makes you different? Your website content needs to answer these questions and more.
  • Frequent Updates – An outdated website isn't a useful website. Regularly audit your website content, and regularly add new content.
  • ADA Compliant – The Americans with Disabilities Act has minimum accessibility requirements for websites. Failure to comply means penalties from search engines as well as potentially opening your business up to legal action.


We’ve been building professional websites for legal practices just like yours for 20 years now. There’s nothing “set it and forget it” about a partnership with us. No matter your level of experience with marketing, the size of your practice, or your budgetary restraints, we have a solution for you. 

We offer two website options for you to choose from:

  • The Signature Website is an affordable, full-service website that meets all industry standards and is completely refreshed every two years, at no additional cost. 
  • The Catalyst Website is our free option – yes, free. Choose from pre-made templates and content and have a live website in 10 minutes or less.

Not sure which option is right for you? Want to know more about what we do and how we can help you? Set up an appointment with one of our lawyer website specialists. They’re available to answer all of your questions, perform a live audit of your website, and give you customized Advice for your law practice.

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