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Stay on the cutting edge without doing a thing.

Automatically get a new website every two years. Yes, it's as simple as that. Check it off your list. We handle everything for you!

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Your website is the face of your business.

Within 2.9 seconds, your visitors will decide whether or not your business is worth their time, based on a lasting first impression.

Additionally, your website has a short shelf life. Unlike a logo that can be left alone for over 30 years, it is critical to keep your site refreshed every couple of years to keep up with technology and remain relevant to your audience.

The Signature Website blends elegant design with seamless functionality. At MyAdvice, we’ve been on the cutting edge of website design for over two decades. We’ve built thousands of sites across dozens of specialties, and we’ve seen trends come and go. Through it all, we have developed a platform that identifies design elements and best practices that are critical for building great websites. With our Signature package, you automatically receive an upgrade every two years at no additional out-of-pocket cost and with minimal involvement on your part!

Engineered for success.

The Signature Website incorporates the latest and most effective high-end conversion techniques.

  • Engineered according to best practices for conversion optimization

  • Built for client acquisition

  • Stunning, responsive designs, to ensure that your website works on all desktop and mobile platforms

  • Thoughtful navigation

  • Prominent and easy to use calls-to-action

  • Lightning fast and secure

  • Upgrades every two years at no additional out-of-pocket cost


Proven engagement strategies.

Is your website equally as compelling as your business?

Once found, your website has mere seconds to engage visitors and keep them searching through your service listings, photo galleries, and contact information. It needs to be compelling–visually and otherwise–so as to retain the visitor's attention. Design influences potential client conversion nearly as much as your qualifications and experience.

Our platform implements proven strategies to attract potential clients and keep them interested.

  • Mobile Responsive Website Design — Allow visitors to access your website on any device

  • Static Menu — Provide a way to easily contact your business

  • High Resolution Photography — Instill client trust

  • Engaging Content & Layout — Provide an easy, enjoyable, and informative experience for your users

  • Photo Galleries — Showcase the quality of your products and services

  • Prominent Calls-to-Action — Use eye-catching animations to encourage potential clients to contact your business

  • Flexible WordPress Platform — Enjoy a versatile platform that can accommodate all of your business needs

  • Security — Ensure your site is protecting visitors’ data

Did you know...?


of users make a judgement about a company's credibility based on its website design.


of people would not continue browsing a website that is not secure, according to Hubspot. 


of mobile visitors leave a site that takes 3+ seconds to load. Conversion falls by 12% for each extra second.

Maintain a cutting-edge online presence at a fraction of the typical cost.

Is your current website driving away potential clients? Avoid losing this business with virtually no effort on your part. Attract and convert more clients from the moment they land on your home page.

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