Most healthy cosmetic practices indicate that referrals, including those from professionals, represent a major source of high-quality business for doctors and other professionals providing cosmetic surgery and services. The problem many practices face is a lack of time to cultivate quality referral sources, as well as difficulty getting in front of the right providers and building relationships with them.

How Does Referral Marketing Work?

Many practices prioritize marketing and advertising that connect them with the largest patient base. These services play an important role in your lead generation, but you likely encounter stiff competition from other plastic surgeons, cosmetic practices, and med spas.

Referral marketing is a key component of your diversified lead generation strategy, and it strives to set your practice apart from your competitors. The goal is to build genuine connections with other providers and practices that can refer business to you on a consistent basis.

To achieve this, MyAdvice leverages LinkedIn and manages your profile on your behalf to grow your network and engage your contacts. Once viewed as a recruitment/employment platform, LinkedIn has become an essential part of your social media marketing, and key to building a bulletproof referral marketing network.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. Our LinkedIn expert completes and updates your profile- This includes the header, tagline, summary, links and resources you provide, etc. A completed, optimized profile is crucial for branding, presenting you as an authoritative, trustworthy, high-quality provider and expert in the plastic surgery and cosmetic field.
  2. Set up Sales Navigator. By investing in a premium LinkedIn profile, you gain access to a lead generation tool called Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator enables us to determine which users are likely to be valuable connections and referral services. We refine the search based on your industry and parameters such as “posted in last 30 days,” ensuring that prospects are active on LinkedIn. Generally, these users provide services that complement those offered at your practice.
  3. Create and distribute template messages- These messages include an invitation to connect, as well as follow-up messages that provide value to new contacts such as links to articles you’ve authored, resources you provide, and a link to your online calendar.

Referral marketing campaigns distribute 1,000 targeted LinkedIn invitations every month and send more than 500 custom follow-up messages to your new contacts. Campaigns include 24/7 online tracking of new contacts and their engagement.

As users accept your invitations and respond to your messages, we continue to provide guidance and support to help you get the most from these relationships. By providing ongoing thought leadership content and useful information, we keep you “top-of-mind” to ensure referring professionals think of you when referral opportunities arise.

Why Referral Marketing

Practices value referrals because:

  • Referral leads are typically more qualified, having been at least partially vetted by your referral source
  • Referral patients typically shop less since they already have a higher level of trust in you
  • Referring doctors and practices can become a consistent stream of new patients and cases

Our referral marketing program saves you time, helps you position yourself as an authority, and provides you with a framework to nurture relationships with potential referrers. It is also an effective tool to build your email database for marketing emails that keep you top of mind with your contacts.

Some of the results we have achieved for clients with our referral service include:

  • Average number of new targeted contacts per month: 250
  • Average number of potential referrers that request a conversation each month: 30+
  • With the right contacts, clients can start receiving referral-based leads in as little as 30 to 60 days! (actual results will vary)

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