Learn and Earn: April Snapshot

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Welcome to Learn and Earn! Each month, we ask questions in exchange for gift cards and get valuable insights from practices just like yours. It’s a pretty sweet deal – you answer our survey questions and we give you a gift card. Want to get in on the action? Sign up at the form at the bottom of this page. In addition to gift cards, we send out marketing tips and tricks and other updates you don’t want to miss.

This month, we’re talking about budget and value. Specifically, how much value various marketing strategies are adding to practices like yours, and where practices are allocating their budgets.

1. Which of the following digital marketing strategies add the most value to your business?

Which digital marketing strategies are working? According to our respondents, local search, social media, and websites are their most valuable strategies.

2. Which of the following traditional marketing strategies add the most value to your business?

The next question asked about the value that traditional marketing strategies add.

3. Where are you allocating your budget?

We’re always curious about where practices are spending their budgets. Digital marketing seems to be the top category.

4. How much are you impacted by budget constraints?

Half of the practices we polled indicated they were impacted by budget constraints.

5. Have you changed or altered your marketing goals for 2022?

In March, 36% of the practices we polled indicated they had changed or altered their marketing goals for the year. This number continues to rise each month, with 41% indicating they had adjusted their goals for the year.

What does it mean?

While digital marketing seems to provide practices the best return on their investments, half of our respondents indicated that budget is still an issue for their practice. It’s clear from this survey that seeing better results for less budget is important to most of our practices.

We Can Help

Doing more with less is our specialty at MyAdvice. If you’re looking to get more value from your marketing budget, set up a consultation with one of our digital marketing specialists. They’ve got tons of experience – 20+ years, to be exact – and they’ll offer actionable insights and solutions tailored specifically to you and your specialized business.

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