Three Steps to a Profitable On-Site Sales Event at Your Med Spa


By Emily Kendel, Spa Project

Let’s say you’ve purchased a new laser device and now you need a launch plan to generate some revenue. In this post, I’ll be teaching you how to launch your new med spa product with an on site sales event in three simple steps. Let’s get to it! 

On-Site Sales Events at Your Med Spa That Boost Your Sales 

There are many types of on site sales events you can do at your med spa to boost sales fast. In this post, we will be focusing on an event that is launching a product or service. Keep these other types of events in mind too, and realize what a great tool a sales event is to boost your sales. 

Here are a few other possibilities: 

  • VIP customer events
  • Introducing a new aesthetician or nurse injector to get their schedules booked 
  • Annual open house style grand sales events 
  • Educational product or service events with demonstrations 
  • Webinars

Launching Your New Med Spa Products and Services 

A product or service launch is an intimate sales event that can be done quarterly or twice a year. This is your chance to educate your clientele on specific skincare products or treatments you offer. Your goal is to educate your clients on the value of a specific product or service and sell it during the event. 

Step 1: Create a Pre-Event Strategy for Your On-Site Sales Event 

Picture this: you’ve planned a beautiful sales event for your med spa. The decor is beautiful. The hors d’oeuvres and wine are scattered throughout the spa to promote mingling and your sales reps are ready. You are ready to welcome your customers to an amazing event and make sales! But then…crickets! What went wrong? It can be so easy to get caught up with mingling, food and drinks at your events, but it’s important to remember that these are not the main goal. Meet with your team ahead of time and create a pre-event strategy. Make sure your service providers and front desk staff are clear about what special pricing will be offered at the event and educate them about their part in the sales process. Be clear about what each person’s role is during the “pre-event” phase. This will help each member of your team feel like they are a part of the sales process and take ownership of their role. 

Step 2: Preparing Your Sales Event Marketing Strategy 

It’s time to take out that trusty spreadsheet! Once you and your team are on the same page about the goal of the event, it’s time to break it down into actionable steps and decide how you are going to invite your clients (aka: market it to them). Decide how many people will need to attend the event in order to reach that goal. The obvious ways to invite your customers include your social media platforms and email, but don’t forget to call your clients directly. Make sure to get twice as many RSVPs so that you know you’ll have enough people to show up. 

Step 3: Post Event Follow Up 

Your post sales event follow up needs to include three things: a post event team meeting, client follow ups, and post event sales. It’s important to remember that if your sales goals have not yet been met, the post event period is a time when you can still reach your goals. At your post event team debrief, discuss what went great and what could have been better. Make notes and save them for your next sales event. Then, start making phone calls. Chances are your checkout process was chaotic at your sales event. Dedicate a day or two to follow up with your clients who made purchases and get their appointments on the calendar. Think of this time after your event as an opportunity to build connections. Follow up with clients who signed up but couldn’t attend. Check in on the clients that said they needed to check their budget. Use your follow up calls to mention upsells you may have forgotten to mention in the chaos and busyness of the event. These 1:1 connections will give you additional sales that will help you meet your sales goals. 

Enjoy Your Sales Event and Celebrating Your Results 

Sales events are a lot of work, but when you take the time to plan intentionally, they are less stressful, more fun, and more profitable. This is an opportunity for your clients to gain trust by getting to know you and your business better. If you create an experience for them that lets them picture what getting results with you looks like, your next sales event will be very successful. With a plan in place you will be able to be able to be fully present, focused and enjoy your clients. 

The Endless Possibilities of an On-Site Sales Event 

Imagine having an on-site sales event where your customer leaves feeling educated and excited about their plan to get results with their skin. Imagine how it would feel if you could breathe again knowing you just made enough money to pay for your new device! An on-site sales event has so many possibilities for you to boost sales and build relationships with your customers. As long as you have a strategy for the event and all of your staff are on the same page, you are going to do great! 

Ready to get started? Need a little guidance on how to make it happen? We strategize with med spa owners just like you to plan and execute profitable sales events. Book a Free Discovery Call with a Spa Project Strategic Aesthetic Sales Coach today and let’s start planning! 

Need more ideas for boosting sales? Grab your free copy of “5 Ways to Boost Sales in You Med Spa in the Next 30 Days” here. Yes, you really can boost sales that quickly! 

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