Why Twitter Is Valuable For Young Physicians

Twitter has become a popular social networking website for doctors. They are using it to extend their web presence, communicate with patients, market services or just chat with colleagues. In fact, many hospitals are also active on Twitter, and have gained a following of engaged patients. So, if you are thinking of joining Twitter, you are not alone.


How Can Physicians Benefit From Twitter?

Jamey Shiels, the Director of Social Media at St. Luke’s Medical Center, says that traditional advertising does not lend itself to two-way communication. Twitter and other social media sites do. So Twitter is not only for celebrities; doctors can also benefit from the site. Here are some more advantages of being on Twitter.

Twitter can help young physicians add to their knowledge: Physicians often work long hours which leaves them with little time to keep up-to-date with current research and national health issues. Twitter can be very useful here. On Twitter, you can follow professional journals, leaders in health care and even public health foundations without fear of rejection or feeling creepy, unlike Facebook or LinkedIn. The service can also give you constant updates on the latest developments in your field while delivering tailored medical information from a variety of medical sources.


Twitter can help you network with your peers: Young physicians often have big dreams and why should they not? There is a plethora of fascinating careers they can get into. They can opt for projects outside their practice like patient advocacy, physician writing or even engagement with health policy. Twitter can connect you with established members from these professions. Many physicians have even snagged formal mentorships and project collaborations through Twitter. Twitter can also help you establish an identity on the internet. It can be a medium to voice your opinions and get heard which would be very difficult otherwise, so early in your career.

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