Utilizing Twitter Lists for Business

Twitter lists are a handy feature that, unfortunately, many Twitter users are completely unaware of. Understanding Twitter lists and learning how to use them to your advantage is key to making the most of your Twitter experience while building your online presence.

Twitter lists can be used as a tool to better organize and identify the accounts you follow, so each list is a more streamlined, topic-specific feed. For example, you can start a list called “Health Advice” and add accounts such as @DailyHealthTips, @HealthyLiving and @HealthTap. That way, you’ll be able to see a stream of only their tweets whenever you want.

But it’s not just useful for sorting out the users you follow; you can add an account that you don’t follow to your twitter list as well. You can also subscribe to lists that were created by others. When creating a twitter list, you can make it private, so that it’s just your own content curation tool, or make it public so that others can see, subscribe to and share it. Public lists help to encourage interaction with other Twitter users and spread awareness of your brand, since other users will receive a notice that they’ve been added to your list and will likely check out your account or subscribe to one of your lists.

Twitter lists got a major upgrade last spring, increasing users’ ability to make lists and raising the cap on how many accounts they can add to each one. Previously, users could only make 20 lists, but that’s been increased to a whopping 1,000. And the limit on how many accounts can be added to each of those lists grew from 500 to 5,000.

Using Twitter lists to your advantage in order to help grow and monitor your company’s online presence is easy. Rather than having to sift through your general feed to see what your customers are discussing, or using hashtags to seek out topic-specific tweets that are relevant to your field, simply make a list specific to each topic.

For example, you can make a Twitter list consisting of your customers, another list containing the key players and heavy hitters in your field, and a separate list for accounts that tweet news about your industry. Another list can contain companies whose social media accounts you’d like to emulate, so that you get a steady feed of how they’re choosing to share their business news, interacting with customers and generally handling their Twitter account.

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