Using Twitter to Increase Followers and Market Your Medical Practice

In a previous blog entry, we highlighted why Twitter is a great social media tool for doctors and medical professionals. Now that you’ve signed up on Twitter and have a handful of followers (mostly friends and acquaintances), where do you go from there? How do you increase your followers, outreach and raise marketing potential?

#Hashtags Make the World Go ‘Round

Hashtags (the “#” symbol) are a key tool when using Twitter. While there are tons of spam accounts that track hashtags and will serial-follow any account that makes use of that hashtag, there are plenty of individuals who use hashtags the correct way.

Popular hashtags (based on geographical location or a combination of location and what your followers are talking about) appear on the left-hand side of your Twitter main page. In some cases, hashtags will have little meaning to you, however, if you’re a plastic surgeon and the hashtag #BreastAug pops up and your office offers breast augmentation, this could be an opportunity to get in on the conversation. Putting out a non-self-promotional yet informative tweet could net you retweets and followers in your chosen field, while also opening up the conversation about whatever the topic is.

Make Those Retweets Count

Just throwing retweets around casually doesn’t add much to your drive for more followers or marketing. Instead, focusing on retweeting only those tweets that are pertinent to your conversation or field of expertise will go a long way to ensuring that you land new followers and make your voice heard on Twitter.

Getting in on the Conversation

Being an authority on Twitter can be both a rewarding experience and a great way to decompress at the end of a difficult day at the office. Taking time to cultivate followers worth having and following the right thought leaders in your chosen field are important steps to ensuring a worthwhile experience on Twitter.

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