Using Social Media to Gather Patient Feedback


Social media is commonly thought of as a community building and patient acquisition tool, but it serves another purpose too. Used correctly, social media makes a great patient feedback tool for medical offices. While many people think that unhappy people are the only ones who speak up, the connections made through social media allow open lines of communication with those who have suggestions. So, how do you encourage and act on patient feedback through social media?  

Why Does Social Media Encourage Patient Feedback?

The relationships formed through social media encourage your patients to give something back — social media interactions rely upon give and take. You’ll experience a higher response rate because patients will feel as though you care about their thoughts and their well-being.

A medical practice can also use social media to encourage patient participation when a survey is sent out. An incentive can be offered publicly which can increase the quality and quantity of responses. Additionally, patients can use social media to encourage the participation of their peers that attend your practice. This increases the number of replies received by contributing to public awareness.

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