Should Your Practice Start Using Pinterest This Summer?

There’s no doubt that social media plays an integral role in our society today. For doctors, social media can be especially effective in reaching both new and potential patients. While you may have implemented popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, into your marketing plan, the summer is the perfect time to try something new!

Consider using a website such as Pinterest, which allows you to create boards of visual bookmarks (known as “pins”), which other users can then “pin” to one of their boards and share with others. While a site like Pinterest may not seem like it could benefit a medical practice, the site offers several benefits to users.

For one thing, Pinterest is all about sharing visual images instead of the written word. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest focuses solely on engaging visual content, which is extremely important when it comes to interesting your online users. In fact, most people are much more likely to respond to a website that is rich in visually appealing content rather than plain written text! You can use images on this site in various ways, including to show off your office, provide a visual guide to certain procedures, and share pictures before or after any type of surgery!

Another main reason to consider creating a Pinterest account for your practice is that your patients are probably already using the website! In just a few, short years, Pinterest has garnered a loyal following, with millions using the website each day. What does this mean for your practice? It means introducing yourself to an entirely new group of patients, increasing the traffic to your website and overall presence online! Pinterest also provides doctors with another source of patient communication, enabling you to easily connect with your patients through “repins,” and personalized conversation.

This summer, why not try something new with your social media marketing? Pinterest is often popular during the summer, with users constantly sharing pins about anything new or interesting to do. Now is the perfect time to share engaging, visual content from your practice with both your current and potential patients using Pinterest!

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