Measure your Social Impact with Google’s Social Analytics

Last month, Google announced the launch of Social Analytics, allowing businesses to dig deeper into measuring the impact of their social media efforts.

Divided into four key elements, Social Analytics provides data on:

  • Sources: Which social networks bring website visitors?
  • Pages: Which pages are most shared on social networks?
  • Social Plugins: Which social buttons do visitors click on your site and which pages do they share and like?
  • Conversions: How many website conversions were assisted by a social network?

Screenshot from Social Analytics Overview Page

Accessing your Social Analytics

You can access your Social Analytics by logging in to your Google Analytics account. On the right side bar, click “Traffic Sources,” and then “Social.” There, you can click through and examine your social data. Change date ranges at the top to compare and contrast months! Learn more about Social Analytics here.

Not set up on Google Analytics?

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