Do’s and Don’ts of Promoting Your Business on Twitter

Nowadays, most businesses have their own official Twitter account, but not everyone knows how to properly utilize their company account in order to foster client relations and promote their brand. Here are the top six tips for what you should – and shouldn’t – do on Twitter.


1 – Tweet Tactlessly. First and foremost, carefully consider each and every tweet before posting it. Although you may be free to say whatever you like on your personal Twitter account, your company’s tweets must only reflect the image and ideals of the brand. Always adhere to a professional tone and focus on what your company is about, what services it offers and any special promotions you’re currently running.

2Negatively Interact. Never get pulled into an online argument in the Twittersphere. If another user tweets something unpleasant or annoying (like spam, for example) directed at your company’s account, it’s best to just ignore the offending Tweet.

If the tweet is something directly related to your business, such as a customer complaint, the best course of action in this situation is to reply with an email or phone number where they can reach your customer service department and reassure them that their issue will be addressed. Doing so steers the discussion off of the public Twitter platform and demonstrates that your company cares about its customers’ concerns.

3 – Tweet Sporadically. You don’t want customers to look up your company’s Twitter account only to find that it’s been neglected and collecting dust. Keep the account looking fresh and up-to-date by tweeting consistently, and update it with relevant tweets or retweets daily, every few days or at least once a week.


1 – Connect. Although Twitter can be used for the sole purpose of presenting info about your business to followers, it’s beneficial to also engage with them. Besides tweeting, your account can retweet others’ tweets that are relevant to the field your business is in. Replying in a positive way to another account’s post or joining a conversation about a business-related topic is a great way to interact on Twitter, gain followers and spread awareness of your account.

2 – Mix It Up. Just because your company’s official account is professional doesn’t mean that it has to be “all business” or bland. In between promotional tweets (such as tweeting a link to a new blog post on your site), you can showcase interactions with clients (i.e., retweeting a positive review that a customer tweeted) and interact with other professionals and big names in your field via @replies . For more lighthearted tweets, you can post inspirational quotes that reflect your brand’s principles.

3 – Cross-Promote. Make sure that your official website has a Twitter button linking to your account and add a “Follow me on Twitter” link to your email signature so that clients will be more likely to check it out and, ideally, follow you. Likewise, add a link to your company’s site in your Twitter bio.

Post tweets with shortened links (created using sites like or to photos or videos from your company’s other social media accounts, including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Vine. Streamline your social media accounts and consistently represent your brand’s image by making sure that all of the profile pictures, background images and color schemes are the same as your company’s site.

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