5 Step Guide to Curating Your Social Media

So, you have a decent audience online; people are liking your Facebook page, following you on Twitter, and browsing through your website every day. However, getting people to connect with your social media accounts is only the first step. The next challenge comes with getting your audience to stay connected.

The best method of achieving return visits to your various accounts and sites is known as social media content curation. According to the Huffington Post (“What is Social Media Content Curation?”), content curation is “simply filtering through all the interesting content across the Web and sharing the best news, articles, videos and infographics on your social channels.”

Curating content on your social media accounts will allow you to keep things fresh and active so that people will come back for more. It also aids with variety, permitting you to cover a wider range of topics that better fit your target audience. To get started, it helps to plan out a strategy for the content curation to keep a steady stream of quality content.

From there, you can use curation technology (like NewsCred, which finds relevant articles using algorithms) combined with your strategy to really take your social networking far. Here are five easy steps to help you get started, extracted partly from the Huffington Post.

5 Steps to Creating a Strategy for Content Curation:

  1. Look at the pre-existing content. Browse through what you have already done in the past to avoid repetition, and to get a better feel for outside content you might want to bring in.
  2. Consider the target audience. Who are you trying to reach? Figure out who you are trying to bring in or keep, and let this help guide you in what content to include in your social media.
  3. Look at other successful leaders in your field. Don’t be afraid to learn from competitors; you can distinguish what they are doing right and then learn from example. Observe how they represent and choose their content.
  4. Note which news articles get the most shares and likes. See what is popular. People will not stay on your website or social media account if the content does not strike their interest.
  5. Keep a balance of “original vs. curated content.” For each social media account, be sure to judge what amount of each type of content you would like on your website, and remain consistent with how much of each the public gets to see.

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