Latest Report from MyAdvice Highlights Top Marketing Priorities for Medical and Dental Practices in 2022 and Beyond

2022 marketing trends report

An industry survey of more than 100 healthcare professionals emphasizes the importance of efficiency, revenue and cost-savings as major practice pain points

PARK CITY, Utah – February 2, 2022 – MyAdvice, the leading provider of software-based marketing solutions for medical, dental, and law practices, today released the results of its 2022 Healthcare Marketing Trends Report. The company analyzed survey data from more than 100 healthcare professionals across medical, dental, and cardiology practices in the United States, gathering statistics on operational goals, patient acquisition strategies, marketing efforts and more.

“As we head into the third year of the pandemic, we wanted to assess what pain points physician practices and other organizations are most wanting to address,” said Shawn Miele, CEO of MyAdvice, previously Advice Media. “It’s more critical than ever for providers to have the right support and tools for successful future positioning, both in the short- and long-term.”

MyAdvice’s 2022 Healthcare Marketing Trends Report finds that practices across industries are most concerned with increasing efficiency (81%), increasing revenue (79%) and saving money and reducing costs (78%). Equally important were their goals of increasing patient base and/or volume and increasing patients for specific procedures or services (76%).

“The Great Resignation has impacted every industry including healthcare, and staff shortages are a foundational issue that our practice partners face,” continued Miele. “We want to unburden them and offer a streamlined solution that prioritizes their concerns, while offering strategies that help support the growth of their businesses.”

Additional findings from the survey include:

  • Strategies for acquiring new patients are critical. Most respondents believe referrals from other patients is the most effective strategy for acquiring new patients (89%), but other strategies are critical to maintain as well, such as referrals from other providers (77%) and online marketing through websites, social media, etc.(59%).
  • No matter how a patient finds a provider, however, first impressions are everything. Patients must easily access accurate contact information — of particular importance during the industry’s shift over the last few years to address a more savvy, consumer-minded patient population.
  • Only a small percentage of practices feel fully prepared to achieve their marketing goals. Of the 100+ survey respondents, only 4% felt confident in their ability to achieve their marketing goals, followed by 46% feeling somewhat confident. Many respondents felt neutral in their ability to achieve their marketing goals (40%), followed by those who were unconfident (8%) and not confident at all (2%).

“With so many new strategies and platforms for practices to choose from, it’s easy to understand and empathize with the majority of practices lacking confidence in their marketing plans for 2022,” said Miele. “We hope to be able to support these practices by filling the digital marketing gap that’s so critical for both short- and long-term success.”

Download the full report 2022 Healthcare Marketing Trends.


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