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We’re probably not the first ones to tell you that women make many of their families’ healthcare decisions. Perhaps even the bulk of your customers are women. You’ll be happy to learn that women also respond particularly well to online marketing, specifically email marketing.

Women are more likely to fully engage with your emails. They want more information, more examples, and more connections between their lives and your marketing efforts.

Consider these quick statistics that make women a fantastic target marketing audience for healthcare providers:

  • Women are responsible for 80% of healthcare decisions.
  • 59% of women are responsible for making healthcare decisions for their families.
  • Healthcare expenditures made by women amount to 57% of total healthcare expenses.
  • 53% of women use the internet to search for healthcare information.

This is your audience! If email marketing is effective for promoting your practice and you want to directly appeal to this valuable subset of your customer base, try these proven tips to attract business from female patients via email:

  1. Include important details – Women want answers to their medical questions, and they’re willing to search for them in your email. You might notice lower click-through-rates for longer emails, but they’ll be higher value conversions.
  2. Add real-life stories – Women appreciate examples of success stories from your actual patients. Try incorporating your selling point into a heartfelt case study. If a patient isn’t available, send the email from your personal perspective.
  3. Try “milestone” marketing – Appeal to women who may be experiencing life events regarding healthcare (i.e. getting married, having a baby, preparing for retirement, health crises, etc.). They want to solve long-term health concerns, as opposed to solely immediate health issues.
  4. Highlight social shares – Women are more likely to forward emails to friends and family members. Social share icons (including both email and social media options) are essential. Even more effective are calls to action within the text. Try phrases like, “Would your mom or sister also benefit from this procedure?” or “Gather your girlfriends for your annual appointments,” at the end of your emails.
  5. Think about mobile usage – 50% of female mobile phone users access email on their cell phones. Make sure that your emails are visually accessible for women on the go.

We know that email marketing is a valuable tool for customer acquisition and retention, especially for female healthcare consumers. Let us know if you need more email tips and tricks by contacting your Customer Success Team.

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