Learn and Earn: March Snapshot

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This month, we asked for details about staffing challenges and who handles the marketing within organizations.

  1. Are staffing issues impacting your ability to reach your marketing goals? 

The first question was about staffing issues, and it’s clear most of the practices we polled are feeling stretched a little too thin. 

  1. Who manages different marketing activities?

Question two was about who handles different marketing activities within an organization. Office managers and administrators seem to be the ones who handle marketing within the organizations we polled. 

  1. How on track are you?

The final two questions were about marketing goals for the year. 

  1. Have you changed your goals since the beginning of the year?

What Does It Mean?

While most people are still on track to reach the goals they’ve set for the year, the number of respondents who said yes has decreased by 20% since last month. With staffing such a challenge, and most marketing activities handled by an office manager or administrator, it’s clear that making time for marketing is a challenge. 

We Can Help

If you’re struggling to know where to start with marketing or just not feeling confident in the direction you’re heading, set up a consultation with one of our marketing specialists. They’ve got tons of experience – 20+ years, to be exact – and they’ll offer actionable insights and solutions tailored specifically to you and your business.

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