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It’s July, and this month, we’re taking a deep dive into how practices use social media to connect with their audiences.

Which platforms are practices using?

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram were the top three most commonly used social media platforms, with the largest share going to Facebook by far. Nearly 3 in 4 practices are using Facebook to connect with their current and potential patients. These results weren’t too surprising, as these three apps are often the first platforms new social users and marketers alike turn to. Since so few practices indicated they were using platforms other than Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we’re going to focus on these three from here on out. 

How effective do you feel each platform is?

However, when asked how effective they felt each platform was, responses were lukewarm across the board, with practices responding that they felt their marketing platform of choice was “somewhat effective.” It’s clear most practices aren’t particularly confident in the effectiveness of the platforms they use the most frequently. (Psst, curious about why practices don’t feel confident in their social strategy? We are too. Tune in next month as we search for answers.)

How often do practices post on different platforms?


When asked how frequently practices are posting to social media, it’s clear there is some variety in responses, with Facebook users reporting more frequent posting while LinkedIn users report less.

What types of content do practices post on social media?

Most practices indicated that they typically use social media to share less content intended to sell services on their social channels and instead use their channels to share content that offers more behind the scenes, personalized content. That includes holiday posts, company announcements, inspirational posts, and office photos. However, content intended to share results such as before and after and testimonial posts are included in the mix.

Which generations are practices trying to reach?

When asked which generational audiences most practices are trying to target on social media, the top answers were GenX and Millennials. 

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