Our Catalyst Website Builder Just Got Some Huge Updates

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At MyAdvice, when we set out to create our free website tool, the goal was to make it as simple as possible to get businesses online quickly and easily. We call them Catalyst websites, and they’re built on responsive, proven website templates that are designed to be customized depending on your needs. We’re proud to announce that our Catalyst Website Builder is getting some major upgrades that will allow users to customize their sites even more. Here are the biggest changes and how they’ll help users make their websites even better. 

A Completely Redesigned Visual Editor

Whether you know nothing about web design or you’re a pro, the new visual editor will help you create the website you’re looking for. Looking for drag and drop editing? Add new sections, rows, and images with the click of a button? You’ll find that. Want to get under the hood and create custom CSS or write your own code? You can do that too.  

We’ve also expanded the type of content you can upload to your site. Images can now be uploaded anywhere on pages. Embedded videos from online sources like YouTube and Vimeo can be added with a few clicks. Hyperlinked text can be added anywhere. And you can now upload files and make them available to download by your users. Intake forms? Waivers? Anything you need, instantly available. 

The visual editor gives you control and flexibility to fine tune everything on your site, from the content to the design. 

Integrated Chat

Chat is now available for Catalyst sites! Offering chat means you’re available 24/7, and some statistics indicate that it can increase conversions but 62%. Never miss an opportunity to convert visitors to customers with an always-on solution. 

Finely-tuned Responsive Design

Catalyst sites are built on templates designed to be responsive from day 1. While that’s still true, we’ve upgraded our templates to allow more flexibility for fine tuning responsive designs. This includes the ability to resize images, columns, and other design elements to specific widths. It also allows for the elements on your site to display at specific sizes depending on the device a user is viewing your website on.

Widgets On Any Page

No need to create the same content multiple times. If you have a design element that shows up on your site in multiple pages, you now have the ability to create it once and place it anywhere it needs to go with the click of a button. 

Form Integration

Forms can now go anywhere, on any page. This expanded flexibility means your sites have more opportunities to convert visitors to customers. 

We Can Help

Want to see these changes in action? Create your own Catalyst website and test the new features for yourself. Need more help? Our website design specialists are available to answer all of your questions and help you find the right solution for your business.  

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