6 Steps to Analyze Your Marketing Strategies


So, you’re running a marketing campaign, and you aren’t sure if it’s working. Don’t sweat it – you aren’t alone. According to a recent poll conducted by MyAdvice, only 37% of the healthcare practices we polled feel they’re successful at tracking their own marketing performance. So, regardless of what kind of marketing campaign or strategy you’re running, this guide will give you six easy steps to analyze the performance of your own marketing, as well as help you make a plan to avoid this problem going forward. So read on and let’s get analyzing!

1. Start by reviewing your goals.

When you launched your campaign, you probably had a goal in mind. Maybe it was as simple as “get more people in the door.” Or, maybe you wanted to get more calls from your website. Maybe you were trying to improve your local search profile conversions. We know, this probably sounds really simple but hear us out – starting with reviewing the original goal of your marketing campaign is a good way to remind you of the why behind the campaign, which can help you figure out which specific metrics to look at. You’d be shocked at how often businesses forget their why when they run campaigns. Start here before you go anywhere else.

2. Look for an uptick in leads.

Next, take a look at the number of incoming leads to your business. Compare them with the dates you began your campaign. If there are any upticks around the same dates, that’s a good sign your campaign is working! However, it’s worth noting that since every business and campaign has different lead lifecycles (that’s the amount of time it takes for leads to go from incoming to closed), this isn’t a foolproof way to tell if your campaign is bringing in these new leads or not. 

3. Review your traffic.

If your campaign was digital, checking for an uptick in incoming traffic is the next step. If you were running an organic campaign, filter your traffic source to organic search traffic and look at the dates accordingly. You’ll have to use the same logic as the other steps regarding what campaign you were running and the sources and traffic to look at, but this is a good way to get a gut check on whether your marketing is bringing in more traffic. Once again, it’s not a foolproof way to judge whether your campaigns are working, but if the traffic has increased during the times your campaign was running, that’s a good sign. 

4. Ask your clients.

Client surveys are an excellent tool to help figure out what has drawn clients into your business, and what made them want to spend money with you. This can be as simple as a survey with a couple of questions, or more complex if you need it to be. 

5. Check your ROI.

It’s not exactly a successful marketing campaign if you had to spend more money than you brought in via new clients, so double checking that you haven’t spent more than you earned is a good idea. Double check your return on investment for wasted marketing dollars and adjust as necessary. And remember, just because something didn’t work doesn’t mean it was a waste, it just means you know what doesn’t work now, and you can do it differently next time. Trust us, that’s valuable too. 

6. Make a plan for next time. 

Okay, so hopefully you have at least somewhat of an idea if your marketing campaign worked now. Next time you go to launch one, make sure you have clearly defined goals in mind, and define your success metrics from there. For example, if you want more clients to call into your business via your website, you need more web traffic, which means you need specific things on your website that will lead them to the click-to-call CTAs on your website. Work backwards, keep track, and before you know it, you’ll be confidently tracking the success of your marketing campaigns. 

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