The Benefits of Keeping a Medical Blog

It seems today that everyone has a blog. Whether personal or professional, serious or silly, factual or informal—just about every subject has a blog about it. And rightfully so! If someone wants to write about it, there is somebody who wants to read about it. This is one of the greatest things about information dissemination and the Internet. This holds especially true when it comes to anything medical. Patients and potential patients are often very interested in what their doctor has to say, and how it relates to them.

Keeping a medical blog could be as elaborate, or pared down as you’d like, depending on your specialty and time frame. Here are some things to remember no matter what style of blog you choose to write.

  • Keep it simple: Try to remember that although you have a medical degree your patients do not. And while it might be easy to begin writing in science speak your audience would be better served if your blog was in layman’s terms.
  • Share Useful Information: Depending on your specialty you might come across the same questions over and over again. Try to address these types of questions or concerns in a blog forum. The blog will exist indefinitely and could serve as a great resource for existing and potential patients.
  • Share Timely Information: Patients look to their doctors for the most up-to-date advice. If it’s Halloween and you’re a pediatric dentist a blog with tips on how to limit sugar is a great idea. An orthopedic surgeon could focus on skiing injury prevention during the winter or carpal tunnel during tax season.

A medical blog serves both the doctor and the patient. Adding content to your website via a blog forces the search engines to take notice of your new and useful content. This helps search engines like Google and Bing recognize you as an authority in your field, this will help your rankings online and boost your Internet presence. A blog will also help your patients by making information available to them at any time—giving them the sense that as their doctor you are always present.

Too Busy to Manage a Blog?

MyAdvice has a dedicated team of writers who research relevant topics and write regular blog posts for doctors ranging from neurosurgeons to general practitioners and beyond. No matter what your specialty is we have a writer with the expertise to craft well-informed and customizable blogs. If you’re interested in finding out what type of blog MyAdvice can create for your practice contact a representative today!

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