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MyAdvice has been a leader in Digital Marketing since 1998. As a client, you can have confidence knowing that this isn't our first rodeo. When you engage MyAdvice, you're gaining a full team to support your business. The MyAdvice team is comprised of designers, developers, programmers, writers, editors, search engine visibility specialists, digital marketing experts, Google-certified paid search experts, social media experts, email marketing experts and support personnel working together to deliver the most comprehensive solutions available today. Additionally, most of our clients work within the medical field, which alone is not unique. What separates MyAdvice from the pack is our keen understanding of the fee for service patient, a specific distinction that should matter to your practice.

Our teams utilize leading research, technologies, and strategies to deliver unparalleled information and results for our clients. MyAdvice is a Google Certified Partner, an accolade we acquired by being just edgy and nerdy enough to stand out amongst the crowd. Our status also means that you hired a company that actually knows what's happening in the rapidly changing Digital Marketing world. We have passed Google's rigorous tests and have been entrusted to provide the best services for you, our client. Simply put: We Make You Money!

One key aspect that separates MyAdvice from our competitors is our dedication to our clients. High quality service begins from the first day your practice starts working with your Customer Success Coordinator (CSC). As a new customer, you can immediately recognize that you've hired a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals ready to assist, consult, and strategize to achieve your Digital Marketing goals and establish realistic expectations.

The process begins with an introduction to your personal CSC, brand designer, and website development team. We work with you closely to ensure that your brand is either created or strengthened to match the values of your practice. Your brand and website are guaranteed to use best practices to attract and connect with new patients.

Shortly after MyAdvice begins the design process, we introduce you to our Digital Marketing team. The group will ensure that all aspects of your Customer Acquisition services are implemented and coordinated. This line of services includes Organic Traffic Generation, formerly and inappropriately known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PowerUp Local, Social Media, Content Generation, Email Marketing, and Paid Search Ads (i.e. Pay-Per-Click). While there are many weekly maintenance tasks that we perform for your website, you can be absolutely confident that MyAdvice remains unified in our goal to present a cohesive, comprehensive marketing message that allows you to rise above the competition.

We believe that you should always be up-to-speed on what MyAdvice is doing for you. The goals and initiatives that we develop jointly are critical to your success. To maintain complete transparency, we insist that you join us on a monthly phone call. You may think that we are old fashioned for wanting to actually speak to you, especially considering that we're a Digital Marketing company. Don't worry! We will also email and text, but at the end of the day, a solid business relationship can't beat a phone call or face-to-face meeting to further your trust and confidence in our team. These monthly calls also afford you an opportunity to ask questions and to gain insight into the constant changes in the Digital Marketing world. We want you to clearly understand the reports that we send each month for you to accurately measure your success of our efforts on your behalf.

As we mentioned earlier, our job is to make you money!

Customer Success Team

To our knowledge, MyAdvice is the only company in the Digital Marketing realm that has a Customer Success Organization. Why is that important for you? It's simple. You will have a person in our organization whose sole responsibility is to ensure that our programs meet or exceed your expectations. This person has the ability to call on all of our substantial resources to ensure your success. Our steadfast mantra is, "Customer First and Always!" Do you want someone who simply manages your account or someone who's your advocate, equally motivated to make your practice successful? (…) That's what we thought!

As the main point of contact with MyAdvice, your CSC will guide you through all aspects of your branding, website design, development, and management, and digital marketing implementation. Your CSC will initiate website updates for you so that you don't have to worry about it. Your CSC will call you every month to review your account, keep you informed on what we are doing and why we are doing it, and hear directly from you what else we can do to further your business goals.

Now you can see why a CSC is critically important to the success of your business. As establishing a solid relationship is key, we make weekly training mandatory for these individuals. They are constantly learning about new techniques that our Digital Marketing Specialists are mastering, how to work with customers, changes in the landscape and how those changes impact their customers, and much, much more. With your CSC always available to you, have confidence that you have someone actively working on your account.

Design Development Team

Website design and development at MyAdvice has been ahead of the competition for years. We were the first in our industry to insist upon responsive websites for each of our clients. While some competitors tried to convince us that responsive websites were a fad, we knew better! This kind of smart, cutting edge approach is what you can draw confidence from with our Website Design, Development, and Management teams.

Your brand and website have two simple purposes: patient generation and patient conversion. MyAdvice knows what it takes to accomplish both. Your brand and style are unique to your practice and need to shine through on your website to stand out from the crowd. To efficiently convert potential customers into new customers, you need a website that adequately meets your needs. There will be times when you may want a design that looks snazzy but may be detrimental to your conversion efforts. As your consultant, we are not afraid tell you 'no,' not because we cannot hear you or do not care. On the contrary! Because we have years of experience implementing and testing the absolute best strategies to help maximize your exposure to new patients, we focus on putting them to work for your business.

While we want your brand and website to be a show piece in which we can both take pride, you need more. Our Development team utilizes the most current and best practices to ensure that your website is compliant, robust, and functions across all platforms. MyAdvice hosts your website on 90+ redundant servers to ensure that your website is always live, loads at ridiculously fast speeds, and backs up on a nightly basis, so you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands.

Digital Marketing Team

Did you know that Google implements somewhere between 600 and 1000 changes to their search algorithms each year? MyAdvice would hate for you to waste your time trying to keep up, nor should you. That's what you pay us to do for you!

When the Digital Marketing team begins working on your account, our first course of action is to establish a baseline. This allows both parties to be fully aware of the current effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of your Digital Marketing efforts. Similar to taking your car in for a major tune-up, we check everything! Our team evaluates the standard SEO elements, content, social media, back links, paid search, site traffic, and conversion rates to determine your current strengths and weaknesses. Once we gather this information, we create both short-term and long-term goals to increase your overall visibility and bring more patients into your office. Moving forward, we'll be equipped to accurately measure your success with MyAdvice.

Your Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS) will host quarterly phone calls with you and your CSC to discuss strategic plans and industry updates. You need to understand that what works effectively for your Customer Acquisition today might not do the job in the near future. In those situations, our team will educate you regarding the industry shifts, why moods are changing, and what MyAdvice is doing to compensate.

On a weekly basis, your DMS performs updates to your services to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality product. Our team also completes monthly evaluations to check that your Digital Marketing efforts continue operating at the top level. MyAdvice's Digital Marketing team is committed to championing you in your market so that you dominate your competition and convert the most new patients.

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