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New patients coming to the practice are more profitable and less likely to cancel appointments.

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About the Practice

The Vein Center of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

Practice launched at the peak of the pandemic - with no website and no online presence.


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"They [MyAdvice] have not only given us a platform, but they’ve also educated us and given us coaching on other aspects of the business like reviews and social media and how they impact our SEO."

~ Dr. Andrew Hearn

Challenges & Goals

Anyone who started a business at the peak of the pandemic was facing an uphill battle. For The Vein Center of Cincinnati, that struggle was all too real. With no online presence, self-professed “marketing neophyte” Dr. Andrew Hearn knew he needed help to find the best strategies to market his practice in a rapidly changing and uncertain market. With patients choosing to forego procedures for fear of exposure to COVID-19, an online presence was more important than ever.

With no knowledge of marketing, no online presence, and in-person interactions almost nonexistent due to COVID, Dr. Hearn sought out help from other patient referral services but found them to deliver patient appointments that were far more likely to cancel. After briefly working with a consultant, Dr. Hearn asked a physician friend for help, and that’s how he found MyAdvice. When asked what made him want to work with us, he responded:

“Your reputation preceded you.”


Since there was no existing website or online presence to work with, the first step was to build a website. Their site launched in June of 2020, and after working with the MyAdvice team to build, optimize, and launch, they’ve seen exponential growth each month in site traffic (monthly visitors from organic search is up 220%) and new patients (a 500% increase from July 2020 to July 2021). Currently, 70% of their patients come to them via their website and organic search.
The best part? They’re the right patients. “These patients are a great fit for our practice,” says Dr. Hearn. “They’ve done their research, they’re often looking for multiple procedures or higher value procedures, and the rate of no-shows is very low.”
The team was also able to coach Dr. Hearn and his team on what types of content perform well on websites and social platforms, which Dr. Hearn describes as “not his thing.” He praised the responsiveness of the team and the depth of their expertise as they helped build and maintain his practice website and profiles.


With the timing of the practice launch and the uncertain nature of the pandemic, organic search was a perfect early focus for Vein Center of Cincinnati.

I feel like we’re just scratching the surface, but as a new practice, you worry about the cost,” says Dr. Hearn. “The budget has worked out really well, and we’re exceeding our financial goals already.

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