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Saving time and staying competitive with Social Power

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There’s no way around it: social media management is time-consuming and can be incredibly frustrating, both in the planning and execution phases. It’s not uncommon for larger practices to have a full-time employee dedicated solely to managing social media profiles, and smaller practices sometimes even have to split the duties of front desk management with social media. 

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For Renaissance Plastic Surgery, this was exactly the case.

When the staff member managing their social accounts opted to step back from the job, the practice had to fill the gap. With nobody in the office particularly knowledgeable about social media, they needed a tool that could help with the planning as well as the content creation. Through a referral, they found MyAdvice’s Social Power.

Sarah Botts, Administrator at Renaissance Plastic Surgery, says the practice is thriving with Social Power and the MyAdvice team because they see results in three main areas.

1. "It gives me a single place to manage all of my social media."

  • While no tool can completely replace a full-time employee, it can certainly cut down on the work required to manage social media platforms. As Sarah put it, “My time spent would be doubled if I wasn’t using Social Power. It gives me one place to manage all of my social media platforms.”Bringing all of the platforms into one place means spending less time on each individual platform, and fewer chances to miss notifications and updates. The other major time-saving component of this tool is the calendar view for scheduling and planning posts. Sarah uses it to see what content is upcoming, and visually identify what’s in the works and where more planning is needed.

2. "It takes the guesswork out of content creation."

  • One of the biggest struggles Renaissance Plastic Surgery faced was simply figuring out what to post on social media. According to Sarah, “I know social media on a personal level, but not in terms of how to use it for a business. That’s much different.” This is by far the most common thing we hear from our clients. Social Power takes the guesswork out of social media by suggesting posts twice per week and giving them the option to pick and choose between suggestions to help fill in the gaps. We aren’t talking about robotic-sounding artificial posts either. Social power presents choices based on recommendations from account managers, aka real-life humans. These experts also help determine which times to post, what hashtags to use, and answer any questions.

3. "MyAdvice gives us the tools to compete, even without a dedicated marketing person."

  • With practices struggling to find time to manage their own social media channels, they likely don’t have a ton of time to spend studying their competitors' strategies. Social Power helps Renaissance Plastic Surgery stay competitive by incorporating competitive analysis into planning. As Sarah said, “Our competitors do a lot of social media, and MyAdvice gives us the tools to compete, even without a dedicated marketing team member.” She also praised the tool for helping their practice find new audiences to market to. Sarah has some Advice for anyone considering trying out Social Power for their own business. “Definitely do it! It’s a no-brainer. It gives you a solid place to start with a library to pull from and a knowledge base to work with.”

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