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3 Ways Social Power Has Transformed Practice Marketing: "A Game Changer."

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"Social Power has been a game changer."


Game changer. Anne Bonn’s word of choice when describing what Social Power has meant to her practice marketing efforts. A more efficient posting process, high-quality content, and the ability to build lasting patient relationships are all driven by Social Power. In Bonn’s own powerful words, here’s a look at how Social Power has made that gamechanging impact.

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1. "I know it’s covered."

  • As Bonn and other team members are asked to wear multiple hats in the practice, having full-time resources dedicated to marketing isn’t possible. Social Power handles the time-consuming task of creating enough pre-made posts and images content to support a high- volume social media publishing schedule, and goes a step farther by pre-scheduling these posts into a calendar format. Bonn will often augment the pre-built calendar of posts with additional promotional offers or profiles of practice staff and events, but at a maximum, she’s only spending a couple of hours each month. The comfort that social media will be covered despite hectic staff schedules is extremely valuable to the practice.

2. "Expertise jumps off of the screen."

  • It’s not just the quantity of content that is important for the busy practice; it’s quality as well. Content includes procedure-related posts, motivational insights, reviews from satisfied patients, and more. One of the things Bonn loves most about working with Social Power is that adjustments to content—wording choices, details about procedures, etc.— are few and far between. The MyAdvice team understands the ins and outs of an aesthetics and cosmetic surgery practice, and the social media presence reflects that industry and specialty expertise. That expertise makes Bonn and her staff comfortable with allowing the MyAdvice team to lead their social presence strategy, suggesting new ideas and recommendations for increased success.

3. "We’re building a family."

  • While the practice social media presence certainly validates strong reviews and informative website content for any prospective patients, Bonn sees even greater benefit in building long-term patient relationships. She observes that most of their followers are current patients who want to stay informed about the latest news on the practice, often commenting on updates about the doctors themselves. Bonn sees the benefit of continually informing this family of patients about procedures and specials enough that they reach out to the practice to schedule and try something new.

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