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Data-driven approach to a successful SEO campaign helps practice finally realize growth goals.

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About the Practice

Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown
Georgetown, TX

Since opening its doors in 2005, Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown has leaned on word-of-mouth referrals to drive the practice. This strategy failed to meet the practice growth ambitions.


Results Summary


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Years in Practice

* Increase within 1 year

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“We feel like we’ve finally found a team that doesn’t just sit back and tell us what to do or focus on the numbers that don’t matter,” says Duncan. “The MyAdvice team digs in and shows us what levers we can pull together to actually drive the business. And they do it through conversations that non-marketing-trained people like myself can work with and understand. We get pertinent information that makes sense and that we can really use.

Dr. Mark Duncan

Challenges & Goals

Since opening its doors in 2005, Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown has leaned on word of mouth referrals to drive the practice. But while those referrals have generated 20+ new patients per month, the practice’s ambition to grow to 40- 45 new patients per month pointed to an opportunity to find those new patients through digital marketing, and more specifically, website SEO.

SEO was not a new endeavor for us,” says Dr. Mark Duncan. “But we’d been burned. We always got a lot of talk with no results. We just didn’t see any measurable improvement with our digital marketing partners in the past. That all changed with MyAdvice.”


Since launching an SEO campaign with MyAdvice in July 2020, website visitors from search jumped by 163% year over year. That increase in organic traffic has led to 290 leads within the first 12 months, helping bridge the gap between steady referrals and the team’s new patient acquisition goals.

Why have results been so dramatically better with the MyAdvice partnership?

Duncan partly attributes the success to that one brand attribute: ”Advice.”



The data-driven approach to a successful SEO campaign has made an enormous impact as well.

“The team is helping us stay focused on the data that really matters,” says Duncan. “As a result, there’s been a remarkable improvement in new patient volume. Zero doubt about that. More importantly, they’re the right patients. We’re attracting patients who are a really good fit for the practice today...and hopefully for years to come.”

For any practice with ambitious growth goals, Duncan agrees that an optimized online presence is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. A trusted partner is just as important.

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It’s absolutely worth it,” says Duncan. “Search engines are always changing, and we can’t keep up with those changes ourselves. We trust that the MyAdvice team is on it for us, and we need that partnership to keep us out front. We need that Advice.

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