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Are you losing clients from suboptimal website management?

Stay online and optimize your performance, without doing a thing. We take care of it all so you don't have to.

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Hassle-free website hosting and performance.

Website speed, security, updates, and protection are critical to your website’s overall performance and visibility.

Google, and more importantly, your potential clients favor websites that load quickly and indicate that they are secure. If a web page takes longer than 2 seconds to load or lacks an SSL certificate, it's extremely likely that people will leave and you will lose out on potential business.

MyAdvice hosts your website on the industry’s leading infrastructures on 90+ servers around North America and the world. Our robust server network ensures that your information is always accessible to potential clients, loads at the fastest speeds, and backs up on a regular basis.

Web Power makes sure that you always have the latest software updates and patches to keep your site running the way Google and clients want it to run without you having to even think twice about it.

Effortless performance increases.

Reliable and trustworthy website management that makes your life easier.

  • Constant website monitoring to ensure uninterrupted functionality

  • Continuous updating to keep your website safe from any malware attacks

  • A robust server network to avoid any potential website downtime

  • Convert more visitors into leads by having quick load times and optimal performance

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A strategy built on trust.

Is your website equipped with the necessary performance and safety features it needs?

Once found, your website has mere seconds to engage visitors and keep them searching through your service listings, photo galleries, and contact information. It needs to be compelling -- visually and otherwise -- so as to retain the visitor's attention. Design influences potential client conversion nearly as much as your qualifications and experience.

Our platform implements proven strategies to attract potential clients and keep them interested.

  • Automatic Site Scans — Your website is always up to date with the latest and greatest technology to keep it fast and secure

  • Data Protection — Addresses hacking attempts as soon as they are detected to defend you and your information

  • SSL Certificate Renewal — Stay secure at all times without having to worry about when your certificate expires

  • HTTPS Implementation — Gain trust with prospective clients by having a website with “https” in the web address

  • Immediate Update Installation — Keep your site fast, secure, and running any time there are critical updates without thinking about it

Did you know...?


of people would not continue browsing a website that is not secure, according to Hubspot.


of mobile visitors will leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.


of people say that if a site isn't mobile-friendly, they take it as an indication that the business doesn't care.

Stop losing potential clients from bad web hosting.

Stay online without missing a beat. Get website management that ensures you're always online.

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