Logo & Style Guide Design

Establishing Your Practice

Who are you? What is your product? What is the quality of your services? These are the questions that consumers ask from the moment they encounter any new company (let alone your medical practice). The answers to these questions should be embodied in your brand. From the moment potential patients see your logo, they must make a positive association with your practice and the services that you provide.

MyAdvice knows that not all businesses start from scratch when they seek our services. Your practice may already have a logo and an established reputation. However, building a brand entails much more than designing a logo. Our Branding team wants to create a cohesive look and feel to every aspect of your communication with past and future patients and develop an ironclad top standing in your medical field and geographical area.

Aligning With Your Values

An important part of building a brand is establishing a business philosophy. What do you stand for? If your business is anything like MyAdvice, you stand for providing world-class service for your customers. We’ll work closely with your practice to incorporate your values into your brand. During this process, both MyAdvice and your staff develop a sense of pride in your business. With a standard for your practice to live up to, the MyAdvice team has a guideline for your success.

Providing outstanding service is up to you – leave the rest to MyAdvice. Our Branding team will surely excel in creating a logo and style guide that speaks to your practice and forms a solid foundation for all of your marketing to be modern, cohesive, impactful, and profitable.

Creating the Complete Package

Working with the Branding team on a logo and style guide is merely the first step in establishing a brand. Branding is an ongoing process that lasts the duration of your time in business. Your brand standards need to be evident throughout all website and digital marketing facets. From website design, development, and management to paid search ads to social media to email marketing (and everything in between), MyAdvice has a firm command on your complete marketing strategy to truly make your practice shine amongst your competitors.

Consistency amongst all marketing mediums is key, but repeated exposure to your practice will drive your brand home for potential patients. The more website searchers view ads, posts, and videos regarding your practice, the more your brand will inspire authority and trust that your services will be outstanding. Once the branding materials work their magic for your practice, conversions from potential to new patients will increase and generate more revenue for your business.


Our Logo & Style Guide service includes:

  • Creating a logo
  • Developing and incorporating a style guide

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