Landing Pages

Landing Pages


Optimize your SEM campaign. Capture more leads.

SEM advertising is one of today's most powerful Internet marketing strategies. Working to win new clients through the use of paid search engine ad placement, MyAdvice offers a dynamic solution for optimizing your campaign: custom landing page development.

You can think of a landing page as a single page of copy presented to a user after he or she clicks an advertisement. Essentially an extension of an ad, landing pages work to convert more leads by encouraging visitors to take action right then and there. An effective landing page captures leads by presenting a specific offer, a dynamic contact form, and a well-defined "next step."

How can my landing page benefit my SEM campaign?

  • Encourages immediate action.
  • Offers the means and motivation to reach out to your business directly.
  • Promotes an ongoing promotion or special offer.
  • Works to deliver more targeted, high-quality leads.
  • Captures client contact information.

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