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Tips to Grow Your Practice's Following

Most of us have mixed feelings about social media, but, for your dental practice patients, it's an easy answer. Nearly 60 percent of respondents said they visited a company's Facebook page at least once before making a purchase decision. This applies to your dental practice social media, as well. Just look at this statistic:

41% of respondents say that social media affects their choice of doctor, hospital, or medical facility.

That could apply even more to the dentist, where patients have more interaction than with their doctor.

Many dental practices are at a loss for what to do with their social media accounts. They start off engaged but lose interest and stop posting regularly. It can be daunting to continually come up with relevant posts that engage your followers.

That's where we come in at MyAdvice. We understand the power that your social media interaction can have with your current and potential patients. Social media adds another form of connection with patients, and it allows your practice to "let its hair down" so to speak, sharing more casual information, such as staff birthdays and special announcements, with your followers.

Let's go through a few tips on how to get the most out of your social media for your dental practice.

Building Loyalty

Your Business Facebook and Instagram pages are an effective avenue for building loyalty with your patients, and they serve as a great, more casual, introduction to potential patients. Loyalty reflects in patients continuing to see you as their family dentist for the long haul. And if your social media content is engaging, they'll likely share it with friends who may not be patients but are certainly potential patients.

Social Media For DentistHow can something as trivial as a Facebook post on your practice page build loyalty? Social media presents an entirely different form of interaction with your patients. When they're in your offices for their twice-yearly cleanings and exams, or for more involved procedures such as the placement of a crown, there isn't a lot of time for casual chitchat. After all, it's hard for patients to talk a lot when you're working on their teeth!

But when they visit your Facebook/Instagram page, they might see a picture of their hygienist's son's hockey game or her new dog. There may be a post of one of your dentists running in a charity 5K. Your office manager could share her favorite recipe for beef stroganoff for a winter night. Of course, if you get a new panoramic x-ray machine, you can announce it in a post, maybe with a video.

Patients and potential patients see these posts and they gain an entirely new perspective on your team and your entire dental practice. It makes them feel much more of a bond.

But You Need to Stay Consistent

Your dental practice social media channels are only as good as the consistency of your posts. It's a good idea to plan a schedule of posts for weeks or even months down the road. That removes the burden of generating ideas at the last second. The goal is to show the personality of your practice, but consistency will help you to beat social media's algorithm.

One of the first things potential patients will do when considering a provider is visit social profiles, and if the most recent post was weeks, months, or even years ago they may look elsewhere when considering a practice.

Facebook and Instagram no longer show content in chronological order; they have algorithms in place which thrive off engagement. Consistency increases your likelihood of engaged followers which demonstrates to the platforms that your posts are worthy of being pushed to the top.

Engagement is Key

Your social media needs to be just that, social. Liking and replying to all comments that are made on both Facebook and Instagram is not only good customer service but also a positive signal for your engagement rate.

Recent updates to the social media algorithm favor personal content over marketing content. Interacting with your audience places you in a more personal category. Posts and accounts your audience engage with the most will always make it to the top of their feed.

Know Your Audience

The best social media content speaks to your social media followers. You know the patients that make up your practice, so think of the things that interest them. If you're in an area with mostly retirees, a link to a video of the mosh pit at the local music venue probably isn't the best choice. But pictures of your new grandson could be perfect.

An easy way to learn about your audience is by watching your insights. Facebook and Instagram have a tremendous amount of data available within each platform that permits a more accurate glimpse into what your audience is really looking for.

We Can Do It For You

It does take, consistent effort to make your dental practice social media work. Many practices don't feel they have a staff person who can take on that role. In these cases, MyAdvice has a solution. It's called Social Power and here's what it entails.

Social Power, provides four posts to Facebook and three posts to Instagram every week. We can also happily build your Facebook page if you don't have one. This doesn't preclude you from posting personalized content as much as you want, but it takes away the burden of continually needing to generate posts. This keeps your accounts active and takes the stress off of you and your staff.

With Social Power, your practice will have a dedicated social media specialist creating engaging and informational posts. We'll provide a monthly editorial calendar where you can preview and customize your collection of posts, along with monthly comprehensive analytics and reporting on how your social media pages are performing.

Let's Get Social with Your Dental Practice

Social media gives your dental practice the chance to show a far more personal side to your patients and potential patients. This is a great way to build loyalty and foster a sense of family with your staff and patients. It also provides a novel opportunity for potential patients to get a feel for your dental practice, helping them eventually become patients.

Social Power is intended to provide each practice with a consistent presence, expanded reach, and increased brand awareness on social media platforms. MyAdvice's job is to do the heavy lifting, including creating captions, selecting images, and publishing to Facebook four times per week and Instagram three times per week. We offer a great solution for those dental practices that are unable to maintain their social media profiles on a regular basis.

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