Websites are now considered to be strategic tools by many companies. It is natural that a website can come under attack not only from the rogue hacker, but also from your competitors. In fact, some companies go the extra mile to cripple their competitor websites either by obstructing them, taking them down or even completely destroying them. Take a look at some ways you can keep your website safe from hackers, spam attacks and more.

How to Go About it

  • Get professional, better hosting: A better web host will try to stop attacks being conducted against your website and not shutting your investment down to protect other clients. Mainstream web hosts have the requisite processes and infrastructure to stop the attack compared to a small and local host.
  • Use stronger passwords: Having a robust website doesn’t matter if it’s vulnerable to attacks. Compose strong passwords for your site’s CMS, admin panel and anything that may contain billing information. Create a password which is difficult to guess, but easy to remember. It is very important not to use the same password repeatedly. If your password is lost or cracked even once, your website can become vulnerable in the future. The best passwords, according to security experts, are the random ones. Longer passwords also fit the bill.
  • Use two-factor authentication: Your own PC or laptop can be the criminal’s gateway to hack your website. This is usually done by surreptitious installation of malevolent software like keylogger which tracks your every keystroke.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense to begin using the more secure two-factor authentication like the Google Authenticator. A second password will be given to you and this password will remain valid exclusively for that session. This temporary ever changing password will be used in addition to the normal password.
  • Backup the website: This will come in useful if, for some reason, your website gets taken down. A backup is well worth the temporary inconvenience.

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