Design Tips for Your Practice’s Website

In today’s age, when the world is becoming increasing digital and people are flocking to the internet to find any and all information, your website is, as far as people are concerned, an advertisement of your practice; it needs to draw them in. Considering that people spend just handfuls of seconds to determine whether or not they want to continue browsing through the information available on your site, it is imperative that you design your website in a proper manner.

Points to Keep in Mind While Designing Your Site

  • Responsive design is a must: Just as you respond to each patient’s needs while treating them, your site should also respond to the needs of its visitors. Implementing responsive web design, therefore, is not to be avoided. This way, irrespective of which device users are viewing your website from, they will get an experienced customized to their device while also providing all the information that they need.
  • Don’t forget to allow patients a way to contact you:You can place a contact form in your “contact us” page, if you want to, but, more importantly, you should place your contact information there: address, phone numbers, email ids, map and so on. This information should also be there in the footer of each page of your site. It also helps if this information is prominently visible on the home page of your practice’s website.
  • Insurance and other information:Ensure that your site lists all the insurance plans that you accept. In addition, you can also talk about the various ways of payment that you accept and any payment plans that you offer. You should also place, in pdf format, forms that are used in your hospital (by new patients, for example).
  • Educational information:You should have a blog or provide links to information that your patients might need regarding the various services that you offer and illnesses that you treat.

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For help with designing a website for your medical practice, contact MyAdvice. You can visit us or contact a rep at 1-800-260-9497.

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