10 Best Medical Website Design Tips

10 Best Medical Website Design Tips
At MyAdvice, we work hard to make our doctor’s websites not only functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly. Our veteran designers share some of their top medical web design guidelines below:

1. Use Responsive Design

A website with responsive design adapts the same content to different screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile). Although you can create a separate mobile site, using responsive design is the easiest way to make sure your content looks great on all devices. As more and more patients are searching from their phones in 2017, optimizing your website for mobile is essential to getting more appointments.

2. Design Minimally

A minimalist, uncluttered design is the new normal and helps websites seem modern and professional. Only use design elements that are necessary for presenting the content and enhancing the user experience. Remove any elements that aren’t absolutely necessary.

3. Use Whitespace Strategically

Using white space tactically on your website creates a less crowded appearance and navigates the viewer through the content. White space also makes it easier for prospective patients to read and digest long pieces of information. You should never have more than 3-4 sentences per paragraph.

4. Limit Animation and Effects

Use these sparingly to bring focus to essential points on the website. If used too often, these elements can distract the viewer from the real content. If used correctly, they can enhance key points and make the website more appealing.

5. Color Your Brand Personality

It’s important to decide on your brand’s personality before designing your website. Is your practice a pediatric dentistry that focuses on warm, friendly service? Or are you a plastic surgeon that boasts the newest, cutting-edge technology and procedures? Then, choose colors that reflect your brand image.

According to this infographic by WebpageFX, the color red is passionate and intense, yellow is cheerful and warm, blue is peaceful and calm, orange is exciting and enthusiastic, green is healthy and tranquil, and purple is royal and wealthy. Take a look at their infographic for more in-depth information on brand colors.

6. Choose 1-3 Main Colors

Use no more than three main colors on your site. For example, your main color pallet could be blue and yellow. White, gray, and black can be used as additional neutral elements.

For most sites, using too many colors can make your website appear non-cohesive and childish. The exception would be pediatric practices, which can benefit from looking more colorful and kid-friendly.

7. Use Two Typefaces

Use no more than two typefaces per brand. You can use a more stylized typeface for headings to attract attention and a more readable typeface for your main body text. More than two typefaces can make the design appear disorderly and incoherent.

8. Display Striking Banners

Use large images as banners on the home page to capture a visitor’s attention when they enter the website. You can also use these banners to house promotions or to direct users to specific pages on the site.

9. Employ Uplifting Imagery

Use joyful images to associate your practice with positivity and wellness, and employ a balanced mix of stock images and personal images. Although stock images are great at making your website look beautiful, they aren’t informative of your actual practice. Having professional photos taken of your practice would be best, but even amateur photos are helpful in making your website look more personable and genuine.

10. Optimize Your Header

This should be a no-brainer, but make sure to place all of your most crucial information (Name, Address, Phone Number) in the header so prospective patients can easily find and contact you.

Hopefully, these tips can help you design a better website and get more patients. If you need any help with website design, development, or optimization, contact MyAdvice today! We are a full-service digital marketing agency, focused exclusively on getting more patients into your waiting room so you can focus on treating them.


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