Twitter Helps You Follow Accounts With Shared Interests

Twitter has offered users a ‘suggested users to follow’ feature for a number of months. Now they have expanded upon this feature, integrating suggestions based on interest. They have also introduced a more advanced search function that has a similar focus on user interest.

How Twitter’s New ‘Suggested User By Interest’ Feature Works

    • This update applies to Twitter’s ‘Who To Follow Page’
    • Twitter takes note of your search queries and suggests users who share those interests.
    • In order to determine if you would like to add any of the suggested users, you can click on the avatars and view their profiles

How Twitter’s Interest-Based Searches Work

  • Previously, Twitter’s search function would only search keywords in a user’s ID name. This former structure made it challenging for individuals to find other users with common interests because many people use their full name or their business name as their ID.
  • You can browse through the search results that appear instantaneously

How Twitter’s Update Benefits Your Practice

This new search function that Twitter is offering allows you to find prospective patients, individuals promoting medical news stories, and more.

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