The Key to Success on Twitter: Please, Retweet

Twitter is arguably the most used and effective social media marketing platform available. However, if you’re not using it correctly, you’re not reaping all of the benefits Twitter can provide to your medical practice. One of the most important features of Twitter is the “retweet.” A retweet is when one of your followers, or someone you are following re-publishes a tweet you or someone you follow has previously published. A retweet is essentially a digital nod from one of your followers where they’re basically saying, “Hey, I agree,” or “Hey everyone, I recommend this.” A retweet is a way for followers it endorse the Twitter users they follow, which  extends the the audience of your tweet.

How Do Retweets Benefit Medical Practices?

  • Personal recommendations (retweets) have more value than a medical practice’s
  • When your followers retweet what you have posted, their followers will see it, which is extending your reach to a new audience
  • Marketing research suggests that 15 percent of Twitter users trust brand posts (brands, for this article’s purpose applies to medical practices)
  • Marketing researchers have found that 70 percent of recommendations from brand retweets are trusted

How Do Medical Practices Get More Retweets?

  • Ask for it! Marketing researchers have found that Tweets containing the magic word, “please” were four times more likely to be retweeted
  • Write in Headline Format to Get More Attention to Your Tweets (this bullet point is a perfect example)
  • Tweet in the afternoon hours (after lunch and before rush hour)
  • Use “retweet” friendly words, such as, “Check Out, New Blog Post, Please Retweet, Social Media, Top 10, How to, Great, Twitter, Post, Please, Free, Media and Help”
  • Short and sweet, to get a retweet! Keep tweets between 70 and 100 characters
  • Include links to valuable information in your tweets

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