Social Media Versus SEO-Focused Content Marketing

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Depending on your experience providing content for your customers, you may have a unique perspective on why you write, upload, post, or promote content in the first place. Perhaps you’ve only added content onto your website pages, you publish articles on your blog every week, or you’re constantly updating your Facebook business page. Most likely, you’ve invested your time (and money) in the medium that helps you meet your online marketing objectives most effectively. Do you want to boost SEO or increase social engagement?

We encourage your strategies to be comprehensive; incorporate both social media and SEO-focused content marketing. Each approach serves a purpose in growing your business and helping your customers interact with your content, often leading to conversions.

While SEO isn’t the substance but rather the inspiration for your strategies, focusing on how your website performs in search engines will motivate you to create dynamic content. Google requires your website to provide valuable content for an outstanding user experience to perform well. Alternatively, social media can meaningfully connect both current and potential customers to your business.

Consider the benefits for each approach to content marketing, then incorporate both for the most effective online marketing strategy.

Social media-focused content:

  • Reinforces your brand and creates a consistent message
  • Provides a venue for immediate (and brief) informative updates
  • Allows an editorial calendar to be prepared in advance
  • Promotion is most often based on customer engagement
  • Performance is measured by the number of views and quality of engagement

SEO-focused content:

  • Directly affects how often your website appears in search results
  • Topics are developed based on keywords and common search terms
  • Provides a platform for quality link building
  • Promotion is based on supplemental strategies
  • Performance is measured by evaluating search analytics and conversions

We’ve already incorporated visibility best practices for customers who receive our services. Contact your Customer Success Coordinator for more details about your comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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