The Importance of Timing in Social Media

The “when” of social media plays just as important a role as the “what” and “how”. If you’re actively posting on social media but aren’t getting as many shares and mentions as you’d like, take a look at the tips below.

Clément Delangue wrote about the 4 Tips for Getting More Company Mentions on Social Media for Delangue makes several great points about when practices should post updates, and how that attention to timing can positively impact their social media reach.

Here are the key points about timing posts:

Know the peak social media mention days

Do you know what days companies and practices see the most mentions on sites like Facebook and Twitter? Social media tracking experts at Mention analyzed one billion public company mentions and found that Thursday sees the most company mentions, with 15.78 percent. This was followed closely by Tuesday, with 15.68 percent, and Wednesday at 15.52 percent.

Schedule posts for the weekends

“Saturday and Sunday see the fewest company mentions, presenting an opportunity that often goes unnoticed,” Delangue notes. The survey found that companies are mentioned at a rate of 12.22 percent on Saturday and 11.36 percent on Sunday.

“This makes sense when you consider that most companies don’t have a plan in place for social networks and other platforms over the weekend. Plan ahead and develop a content strategy for sourcing and scheduling content throughout the workweek to be posted on Saturday and Sunday.

Respond as soon as possible

“Simply answering a tweet in less than an hour, and not just tweets directed to you but tweets about you, can prompt people to tweet about your level of service and your product,” Delangue explains.

“Speed, relevancy and charm can make the difference between a product with decent word-of-mouth and an awesome viral product. Go the extra mile. Not only will the person you help appreciate the effort, so will everyone else who finds out.”

Does your practice have a pre-set posting schedule for your social media accounts? What days do your social media posts get the most mentions? Let us know!

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